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Why Choose DocYOULock?

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Conventional Document Storing & Sharing Approach

​Individuals and Businesses store important documents in various ways, including:

  • Hard copies (in files, cabinets, safes, deposit boxes, etc.)

  • Electronic Copies via E-mail, Outlook, standard PC files or in the Cloud.

  • Through various professional providers such as Insurance Companies, CPA / Accounting Firms, Legal, Tech IT Departments, and more


Most often, key documents are in multiple locations. Various User IDs and passwords are used. DocYOULock has identified several problems with existing document management and storage platforms, software systems, user methodology and processes.

The DocYOULock Approach

​DocYOULock is a Digital Safety Box.

Specifically, it is a document management system for important documents. Whether it’s used for home, life, or business-related documents, DocYOULock serves as a vital storage and sharing platform. Our software application will also allow you to send key documents to selected partners. Such partners can be family members, friends or specific business partners you designate.

How it is Different & Better 

​​DocYOULock is a unique application and platform to store important documents, all in one mobile place. Our applications will store what we call “Life’s Important Documents”. A large part of the population does not have a formal, dedicated place to store important documents, either electronic or hard copy. Whether it’s an emergency, disaster recovery, or just needing to fill out an insurance claim, most people end up searching in too many places and for much too long. Nor do people have an application to share important documents over a secure, encrypted platform to select people, either instantaneously or at a pre-selected future time.


People are counting on you to be prepared. Get organized and plan ahead with DocYOULock. 


Many individuals and businesses don’t have a secure, digital location where they can both store key documents (especially those that are needed in times of emergency or a catastrophe) and quickly access those documents. Nor do they have basic disaster recovery or (business) continuity plan in place.

Are your files clearly documented and readily available? Is your next of kin or your key business partner going to be able to track down select document(s) in a time of need? Are they going to be able to do this quickly and in a comprehensive manner ensuring they have access to necessary information or documents you save, tag and share?

Are you a Business Owner?  DocYOULock is the perfect mobile application to smartly manage key continuity and emergency documents on your iPhone or iPad.  


Sorting out legal matters? Are you going through a divorce or have other legal issues? When it comes to sharing, tracking, and communicating, DocYOULock is there to make sure your headaches aren’t.


Smart Profile Management Functionality. Trusted partners can share documents with you at your discretion, in addition to you sharing or distributing documents with them and others. (Tracking, notification, legacy account* subject to legal verification and other smart profile management features.)


Are you organized? Would you say some of your important documents are neatly organized and at other times they are not? Do you have key contacts, family, or partners in various locations? Do you travel a lot? Do you and your selected parties always have access to needed information? Many “providers” will restrict the use of your information and documents to their end product functionality or benefit, leaving you or your business stranded in single-purpose websites and applications.


DocYOULock has been specifically designed to address these issues, while is offering several additional functionalities and key benefits, all in one user-friendly application. Sure, you could hire a specialist or a forensic analyst to track some of this information down, but it will be costly and time-consuming process. Just as important, your family, next of kin, or business partner(s) will endure additional frustration and unnecessary hardships at a time when they need it the least.


DocYOULock is simple to use with responsive functionality and integration. You can use DocYOULock to share key documents or you can use it simply as a platform to save, tag, and organize your own personal documents. DocYOULock provides a viable and valuable solution to “system creep” and lack of informational integration. Your time is valuable. DocYOULock enables you to quickly and efficiently save, tag, organize, share, and upload documents.


Secure Mobile Application (for your iPhone & iPad)
Secure Mobile Application (for your iPhone & iPad). Security is of primary concern. The DocYOULock application and all your files are fully secure. Payment is also fully secure and only through the Apple iTunes store. The application can only be downloaded via the Apple iTunes Store, which requires password authentication directly and only from your mobile application device. Further, as a multi-tiered security measure, DocYOULock requires a user name and password to access your user application and the files and folders in them. Encryption and other industry leading security measures are fully deployed.* 

Plus, optional Touch ID Functionality (at your discretion) to further protect your DocYOULock application, your documents and peace of mind.

Disaster Recovery / Continuity

Do you and your trusted partners have an Emergency Plan in place?  Are you prepared for a Disaster?  Do you have Continuity (Personal or Business) and Recovery Plans in Place?  Do you have key contacts, family, or partners in various locations? Do you travel a lot? Do you and your selected parties always have access to needed information?  If the answers to any of these questions are no, you need DocYOULock!


A lot of companies limit you to taking screenshots or photos and uploading them to a cloud location, without clear organization or dissemination. With DocYOULock, you can get paper documents for example which are lost in a fire. Or file a claim quickly and efficiently. These are just some of the reasons on why you need DocYOULock. No more staying up at night wondering if your files and documents are safe.

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