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How Professionals, Companies and Tech Firms can benefit by partnering with DocYOULock?

Professionals / Companies

Are you an insurance agency or company, an accounting, a legal or another professional related type of firm? DocYOULock helps individuals and businesses save, upload, store and share important documents & information from many sources, especially from those with whom they trust. We can offer your firm a unique, feature-rich platform for client engagement. We can also help you offer a real-life valuable added service & solution as it relates to your clients important information & documents. This can be done at a low cost to you and your clients. Purchase an “off the shelf” solution or a custom solution for your firm. Re-branded licensing agreements and bundled packages are available for select partners. This includes Privacy, URL & Client Portal Agreements.


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Technology Partners & Other Providers

Interested in integrating our technology & platform with your leading technologies? We have identified several key technology partners. This is across a spectrum of Tech, Media, IT platforms and Specialist Class types.

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DocYOULock can help

Improve client satisfaction, through easier communication and documentation. Manage (practice or corporate) overhead by exchanging information with clients electronically. Provide your clients with a professional online portfolio or dossier. Save on hard copy files, printing & unnecessary postage.

Share important information with your clients via our application & allow your clients to do the same with their partner(s). Do your clients remember what you tell them during your meetings or visits? Is there a smart & accurate flow of data & documentation? Do they save & file your key documents correctly? Are they organized or do they send your firm multiple requests (for previously provided information)? Do they leave your office ready to follow through with their service plan?

DocYOULock can be used by you & your clients to save tag and share said documents with pre-selected parties. For example, if you are an insurance agency and you provide insurance policies and certificates of insurance (even from multiple insurance carriers, DocYOULock can be easily deployed and offered to your insured client’s. Same with accounting, law firms, companies and groups as it relates to important documents or information. Our application will set your agency, firm or company apart from your competition and it will be done in a professional, user friendly manner.

DocYOULock can help you share, collaborate, and engage with your clients and users in innovative, market leading new ways.

Collaborate with your clients

Here are some of the ways clients can share important documents and information they've gathered in DocYOULock. Your client can save, upload, access, tag, share and print information from their account (using our app via their PC, Smartphone or Tablet computer anywhere. Client can send you data from DocYOULock using our applications Message Center, which uses Direct Project Messaging to encrypt the information in transmission. You can do the same.


Engage your clients

The client is key to DocYOULock. Our application can help you engage your clients because it's focused on them providing features, experiences, and connections that help them manage the information and documents about themselves and their businesses. Providers and leading Tech partners are adding DocYOULock & our licensed technology into their products. If your provider or tech partner doesn’t, ask them to do so — give them our contact info ( We’d be happy to help! Also ask about Direct Project Messaging, another way you can send encrypted information to and from DocYOULock.

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