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About Us:

Mission Statement

To develop & provide innovative, user friendly applications for “Life’s Important Documents”.

Company Overview

DocYOULock is a software application and platform for people to gather, store, use and share important documents & information. As noted on our home page, DocYOULock is the first truly integrated document management application that is specifically designed as a Digital Safety Box. We are owned and operated by Drawbridge Technology Applications, LLC, a Delaware Corporation and a leading software application company.

Many individuals and firms have virtually no comprehensive document management software, storage sharing, backup or (critical document & disaster) recovery plans. DocYOULock and Drawbridge Technology Applications, LLC (hereafter referred to as DTA) can provide solutions and tools to alleviate such problems. We provide fully integrated technologies & platforms. We offer unique products through our advanced platforms and systems that are complimentary to your overall needs.

We are committed to offering comprehensive yet user friendly solutions. We also strive to offer software applications that save you and your business time and money. Let DocYOULock enhance & protect your Digital Assets!

Drawbridge Technology Applications, LLC

Technology Management Solutions for a Dynamic Economy

A bridge of which the whole or a section may be drawn up, let down, or drawn aside, to prevent access or to leave a passage open for people, goods and commerce.

More about Drawbridge Technology Applications, LLC – the company that owns & operates DocYOULock: Much like drawbridges in the Middle Ages protected assets and as drawbridges today function as a means to provide a passage of people, goods and commerce; DTA offers industry leading software applications. Our applications provide individuals and businesses integrated technology solutions, which are capable, comprehensive and secure. The applications are provided & priced extremely well, often at market leading rates.

Our firm is unique in that we offer & design integrated, user friendly, secure applications taking into account individual, business and even management information user needs. DTA provides solutions and tools that address needs, problems and servicing issues encountered in today’s complex and dynamic world. We deliver well designed, innovative market leading application solutions. DTA is committed to provide comprehensive, capable value added solutions. Our software applications and technology services can save you, your family and your business time and money.