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If you have a Lloyd's of London Policy through us, certificates of insurance can be obtained at 


  Basic Instructions Guide for your Certificate needs. 


* Please note: Our site & system is compatible with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera, Konqueror and Lynx browsers. It is not compatible with MS Edge (or Explorer).  All Lloyds Insureds policy info will be automatically uploaded as your policy incepts or renews.  You can email us today or midterm at contact@docyoulock.com to confirm your user account and insurance information is backloaded correctly on our admin system.  You will only be able to generate a certificate if your insurance policy info is backloaded.

Certificate of Insurance for Hartford, Travelers or Hiscox Insurance Companies along with any coverage, billing or service related needs / question for their policies your firm has, please contact.

Hartford Insurance Company: (866) 467-8730  agencyservices@thehartford.com 

Travelers Insurance Company: (888) 661-3938   Service.center@travelers.com

Hiscox Insurance Company:  (888) 202-3007  partnercontact@hiscox.com


Hartford and Hiscox have online portals where you can self service many of these requests including certificates.


The general format to request certificates of insurance from Hartford agencyservices@thehartford.com and Travelers Service.center@travelers.com is as follows:



    Your company name:

    Policy Number:  if known

    Please process a certificate of insurance for the following:

   ABC Company


   City, State, ZIP

   (Any special wording request goes here)


   Please send completed copy to: (your insured email address)

   and e-contact@techrisks.com.  Thanks and we will pend file. 




   Sign with your name and full contact/ company info.



Compliance and Insurance Procurement Services
Are you and your business units distracted from your core job requirements and primary focus? Do you spend an inordinate amount of time and money making sure your vendors, merchants, franchises or contractors become compliant?  DocYOULock.com and our partners provide large corporations, groups, associations and other entities streamlined and automated services to ensure independent parties meet your corporate requirements and guidelines. Such parties can often include your vendors, franchises, merchants, independent (or sub) contractors, individuals or groups. We trust you will find our services to be beneficial to your corporate needs and operations.

Why partner and implement with us?
•        Lower your compliance administration costs
•        Reduce your workload
•        Ensure 100% Compliance
•        Efficient systems, programs and platforms
•        Effective program implementation and administration
•        Process and store documents in a secure environment

Tailored Solutions:
•        That fully meet your contractual insurance requirements
•        Cyber Liability for you and your clients needs

•        Exclusive Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Solutions 

•        Owners and Contractors Protective Liability

•        Patent, Copyright, Trademark and Advertisers Liability
•        Contract Specific Insurance Policies
•        The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA)
•        The Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002
•        Customized and individual vendor/merchant/franchise compliance services

For more information email:contact@docyoulock.com or Toll: 866.355.7475


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